Simplicity for an easy irrigation management and better results. system for golf courses add an set of new features when compared to the conventional control system.

Highlight for evapotranspiration and water balance real time models, computer vision, virtual sensing with high resolution, natural language interface and reports, field security and others are some of the control technologies that allow better results in irrigation and pumps systems, savings in water and energy. automation system has the following advantages:
  • Automatic control based on evapotranspiration and water balance
  • Sectors daily grouping based on pumping systems needs and capacity
  • Creation of specific methods for different field zones (greens, fairways, roughs..)
  • Leaks and malfunctions detection
  • Remote operation and smart programming
  • Activity logs
  • Allows creation of periods without irrigation - ideal for tournaments adds the following advantages in the field:

  • Videovigilance automatic system with virtual guards
  • Lakes and fountains control systems
  • Field rating system
  • Field water confort analysis
  • Detection of diseases in the field