Sharing benefits is the technical principal behind the several implementations and solutions we developed. Technological intelligence and connectivity are our solutions arguments to increase efficiency and assure the best use of infrastructures.

IoT Network

Free communication networks with longe range. Dedicated to last generation IoT sensors. Ranges of 15km and batteries autonomies up to 20 years. Communication network implementation allows several applications to be developed and several smartcities technologies opportunities to be explored.

  • Public light

    Public lights intelligent management. Increase of efficiency, confort and security, reducing costs. Several programming features and communication versatility.

  • Renewable energies

    Creation of energetic intelligence and optimization models for renewable energy consumption priority with less costs. Monitoring, malfunction detection and production estimation

  • Waste management

    Direct and indirect sensing for an intelligent and easy management of all the waste network.

  • Sensoring

    City sensing with access to monitoring devices of environmental parameters, image and noise. Free frequencies to gather information in real-time of city status. Analytics platfom and information processment for a better decision.

  • Water

    Management of irrigation, water and sewage networks. Predictive detection of events and intelligent action on leaks detection and malfunctions.

  • Mobility

    Real-time traffic and parking analytics for flows optimization and easy shifts. Configurable mobility platform.

  • Security

    Fire detection and intrusion models. Intelligent, remote and configurable accesses. Digital access Sharing between municipality workers and citizens.

  • Fire detection

    Firespot system allows to detect fires using image processing models integrating cameras installed on surveillance posts. All management and control is done remotely.

  • Information sharing

    Networks for gather, share and provide informations for citizens and visitors. Information about monuments and places. Events promotion.