Computarised surveillance for early fire detection.

  • Automatic fire detection

  • Running 24/7 all year

  • Real time access to captured images

  • Low energy needs and communications traffic

  • Solar powered possibility

  • Movable system that can be easily installed and moved with solar power option

  • Can be installed anywhere with GSM coverage

  • Simplified access and risk alerts

  • Notification and real-time pictures transmission. Alerts and notifications to specific accounts

  • Memory: 2Tb SSD: information stored locally

  • RAM memory: 4Gb

  • VGA port - allows Display connection

  • USB 3.0 ports: connection for cameras and auxiliar sensors.

  • Auto Boot: on energy failing events, the device turns on automatically and sends alerts before going off.

  • Average processing time: 5s

  • Low energy consumption and communications traffic

  • Cameras resolution: 5Mp - 10Mp

  • Communications: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Radio