Get rid of cards and remote controls. Parking places automatic access using plate detection.

  • Access and occurences register

  • Integration with payment systems

  • Several access possibilities: mobile app, vehicle plate and bar code

  • Control capabilities

  • Configuration easiness

  • Quick and easy access

  • Reduces operation costs

  • Better parking spots management

  • Parks configurations, access places, spots and personalized data for each user

  • Allows sharing the management of specific spots for the park users

  • Access schedule management: each user can have a specific schedule

  • Visualization and unlimited log of access as well as park relevant metrics

  • Real time remote control of doors

  • Tariffs configuration for parks use and integration with several payment systems

  • Memory: 2Tb SSD: stores locally plates, users and schedules

  • RAM memory: 4Gb

  • VGA port - allows integration with Display

  • USB 3.0 ports: cameras, sensors, QR code and bar code readers and other sensors

  • Auto Boot: if energy fails the device sends the alert before shutting down, turns on automatically

  • Average processing time: 1,5 segundos

  • Low energy consumption and communications traffic

  • Cameras resolution: 5Mp - 10Mp

  • Communications: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth