One solution, all green areas

Less labour

Remote control of irrigation electrovalves and other devices. The remote programming allows to turn off the system on rainy days or other types of events.

Less complaints

Avoids possible complaints since it detects leaks, irrigation out of planned hours or plants with water shortage

Better customer relation

Greater customer interaction, allows sharing consumption information, scheduled programming, valves map, etc

Easy management

Allows to control all green areas from one unique platform. Automatic features to better manage your water and energy consumption developed a range of solutions to help and accelerating the digitalization of irrigation operation

Our solution allows: automatic irrigation and fertilization management, workforce and tasks control, energy and solar production optimization, remote visualization and automatic detection systems, and sensors and devices control. Our solution is divided in: applications, controllers and sensors .

Solutions for::







Our systems may bring several advantages and be the simplification and organization key of your operation.

  • Water and energy savings
  • Systems efficiency and crops performance increase
  • Irrigation remote control
  • Intelligence vision capabilities
  • Manual or completely automatic system operation.
  • Pumping systems management
  • Energy management
  • Leaks, clogging and malfunction detection
  • Security and intrusion alerts
  • Simplified systems use
  • Connection to probes, weather station and other equipment
  • Autonomous control of irrigation dotation based on evapotranspiration forecasts (feature usually responsible for 30%-50% of water saving in the first year.
  • Operation logs and reports.
  • Application of personalized management models specific per crop site or sector.
  • Programming by personalized sensor detections
  • Real time data
  • Configurable alarmistic by SMS and email.
  • Control using natural language in humanized chat bots
  • Fertilization control and monitoring, agitators pumps actuation, fertilizers tanks level monitoring
  • Allows multi-user access to the same system with different permission levels
  • Allows reports exportation related with consumption, efficiency and savings of all the green areas
  • Tasks record and operations planning

Related products

Revobot Sectors

Electric controller

Electric controller for autonomous predictive irrigation, with capability of controlling any equipment such as filters, fertilization pumps and sensors. Control of 8 irrigation sectors expandable up to 128. Connected with irrigation platform.


Revobot Lora

Battery controller

Irrigation controller that can control 4 DC latch devices (eletrovalves or others) and receive data from 2 flowmeters. Open radio long range communication protocol, LoRaWAN technology.


Implementation cases
Hotels and resorts

Case study

Parque Eduardo VII – Lisboa – 2018

Irrigation management

Water supply optimization

  • Programming by evapotranspiration
  • Automatic control of irrigation sector
  • Remote control of master valves
  • Leaks detections and consumption analytics
Parque Eduardo VII - Montly water consumption (m3)
Parque Eduardo VII - Yearly water consumption (m3)